Thursday, May 06, 2010

Eta Aquarid ( Halley's comet Debris ) may 6 2010 & iridium 33 flashes ( after collision with cosmos 2251)

Posting individual frames showing the verified eta Aquarids in reverse timestamps order. If not for the automated detection system i doubt any one will bother to waste sleep on week day night to watch this shower with lunar light interference
A eta aquarid grazer.

BONUS visitor :  Iridium 33 bright flashes after collision ( collided with Cosmos 2251 in 2009 Feb 10@ 1655UT over Siberia). Instead of total annihilation, the big piece of wreckage* still harbor the reflecting surface (MMA or solar panel that give rise to intense flashes) see in the above image. One tiny flash follow by a big one. *verified by ground level telescope imaging. Video of above flash.

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