Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Humanity Star March 09 2018 flashes images

Humanity Star March 09 2018 Passages through False Cross Vela

    Using Virtual dub to step through the individual flashes.

    First, a combination plot showing the series of flashes of varying brightness as detected by Ufocapture software. I hit the rec button when the time is coming and hit again to stop recording. The peak hold images through the exposure will flag the Humanity Star flashes.

    Humanity star travel upwards from bottom to top within the red lined box

    The followings are individual frames seen from using a VirtualDub slider to step through the individual flash

Humanity Star brighter than delta Vela
HS is ~ as bright than delta vela ( mg 1.95 )

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Humanity Star - Flashes by Canopus March 06 2018

Humanity Star 

From heavens-above for my location - Humanity Star ( HS) Mag +5.1 passing close to easily recognisable Canopus on March 06 2018 ~20:24 before entering earth's shadow.  Canopus is visible through my sitting room window.

But there are clouds
Clouds were there and luckily sky cleared and the mag 6 + stars visible

Using Sonotaco UFOcaptureHd software, I hit the button around 20:24:13 and let it records 3 minutes. The resulting peakhold images revealed clearly detected flashing 'dots' per the heavens-above plot.

I tried replay the avi file and managed to detect a flash at 20:24:41. Then after a few attempts managed 2+1 additional flashes.  I also tried stacking the avi using Registax which had no benefit for very short tiny flashes.  THe canon setup didnt see anything as i started the remote release too late.

Canon G5x and Watec 902h2/ Avenir 25mm f0.95

Humanity Star Path 

Screen showing the series of blue dots marking HS flashes

Sonotaco UFOcaptureHd software - Stars trailed except for the brief satellite flashes
Resources : on HS

G5X gave pretty good stellar magnitude too after histogram stretching

Friday, May 12, 2017

eta aquarids 2017 May 4-5-6

May 2017 - eta Aquariids Halley's comet debris. This year there is a prediction of possible enhancement from -615 debris 5-15 hrs 05-05

Lens and 1/2" ccd

Looking up video motion detection system from 8 floor. 

    This time I am running lighter laptop instead of a long video cable to the desktop in living hall. I have replacing the HP laptop with a solid state hard disk.  No more sluggish hard disk access and rid of junk software.

    The lap-top and set up with new 4mm f0.75 Pentax CS 1/3 lens ( was sitting in vendor exhibition shelf and i noticed a 0.75 f ratio ! I bought it for S$500.00) and Watec Ultimate 902H2.  Again still using the over decade's old  wing nut-wooden pieces  which forms the extension arm so I can poke out side the kitchen window.

   The set up is stable ( with 4 runs ) with AC powered 12 volt the ccd  and without any interruptions for continuously monitoring the sky from after midnight to daybreak.

IMO Live plot  courtesy 

From IMO live plot the peak is at 5-5-2017 18hrs UT which is 5-6-2017 2 am. The radiant will below the horizon at this hour so I can see  them typically late 3 am or 21 hr onwards.

May 05 2017. Saturn and Antares dotted the upper part of the co-adds frames with meteors. 

May 6 haul of meteors, better bunch together this time

May 04 2017

Tally sheet - was using this to do my co-adds in IRIS

 A gross look without confirming the trajectories of the detected meteor the hourly rate is about the same for the hourly interval. THe peaking is broad indeed.

Here is the visual HR formula will figure out how valid whether we can devise a equivalent form a video lens.

Actual Hourly Rate = =(ZHR x sin(h))/((1/(1-k)) x 2^(6.5-m)) where
h = the height of the radiant above the horizon
k = fraction of the sky covered in cloud
m = limiting magnitude

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gems 2014 Singapore - Best so far

Dec 15 14 Sunday Gems from 0 hrs to day break - i have changed the FOV to counter the rotated radiants.
Dec 14 14 Sunday Gems  10 pm to 0 hrs. The first Gem started around 10pm.  Visually two were seen out of kitchen window. One of them with a distinctive round head casting a yellow white reflection.  Dotted trails were fom Riger - Sirius - Canopus ( below)

Sat night the sky was not as great as on Sunday

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Geminids Dec 2013

Geminids Dec 2013

 Sky was patchy with clouds. Geminids surfaced shortly after midnight local time. Then a Gem fireball appear at 0:00:45:38. (UT Dec 13 15:15).  A raw count from the tiny streaks include a x5 time increase of Gem count compare  with the day before.

Geminids fireball franked by two dimmer Gems.  To show the actual progression of the fireball I created a few time spaced snapshots. Notice the tiny short tail behind the plasma head as it progressed towards the building roof top.
This is how the ufocapture software will create the light envelope as the fireball progress from beginning to end.
The bonus before the above Gem fireball event was this EVEN brighter sporadic fireball.
Fire ball on the South- Western horizon.
Geminids Dec 11 2013 - Sirius and Canopus dotted in the above summed image. Constellation of Gemini is not visible in the FOV.  The ZHR rate according to IMO is 10-15 but this number jumped to 100+ in dark locations.

The Progression of the sporadic Fireball is sequenced below.

Monday, May 06, 2013

ETA Aquarids Yishun Singapore 2013 ( updated )

2013 May  -  ETA Aquarids ( Comet Halley Debris hitting our upper atmosphere ) Returning to our early AM sky.

Some expectation - Outside my SW facing kitchen window, the video  near 90 FOV cover nicely the rising radiant in Aquarius and I expect the main streams running from long length EAST - WEST. Opposite block in early evening the Crux and Pointers should rise and  hidden from view as they rotated out of the view.

May 5 - Sunday Early AM managed to get  x20 over meteors - most of them were ETAs. The critical time is 4 - Dawn. Sky cleared up enough for the meteors to be detected in the system.

May 6 Monday early am. Counting over 40 meteors !!!!

 By Sunday evening you wont believe the sky will clear up will you? Close to 11 pm I was presented with overcast sky but the weather pattern in May 5 early am told me otherwise**. I put out the video and never mind the 100% over cast sky. I was right!!! Bagging a respectful bright ETAs and tiny ones. ** extrapolation of the weather pattern from just one or two nights (24-48 hrs) ago proved to be pretty accurate. with video you can purposely forced a time duration captured.

....Starting with ETA streaming across the sky as expected radiant in the EAST.

The above  frame i select the small tiny ETA, the bright one were chosen to show in the image below.

In one hour the bright ones.... 21 UT May 05 2013 Singapore

MAY 7 Morning Singapore ...

Then on May 6 Night after seeing Mikiyo's prediction of  the possibility of another trail hitting around my 5 am time frame i decided to put out the video on a folded wooden plateform and see what can i capture.  The activity seems to drop back to still 17 meteors.  See stacked images below. 

and  the last bright one at 6:30am as dawn approaches.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

41 Daphne occults a 4.8 Mag star March 31 2013 Sunday

On Sunday ... March 31 2013 Somewhere in CT Road.... we were prepared to chase a thin strip of shallow casted by an asteriod eclipsing a mid brighenss star - a line of sight events.
 5:00 pm   Heavy rain in Yishun. Been cloudy for the past days.

 5:30 pm   Rain stop ... Jurong East here i come...

 6:30 pm   Meet up Albert in Astro,  SW installation for digital recording to laptop took a while.

 8:00 ++ pm  Quick bite and heading  for his place.

 8:30 - 12:30pm   Main scope / piggy back scope alignment etc - Wiring up the GPS, video out to Sony camcorder using the LCD as monitor , focusing the scope, Y out the digital recording in Laptop.
Coffee breaks,  listening to the frogs.... A few stars were visible - Procyon ... and moon rising in the east.  Tree were blocking the low eleation in the east.

1:30 pm  Back to the scope. The scope is slewed to the exact spot to track the rising 4.8 Mag star.

3:30 pm  Pack up,  heading home.  Nice warm feeling the sky didnt let us down and I saw my first occultation and my toy is working since these years.
I brought along my stuff:
Watec 902H ultimate
Kiwi time inserter Box
Sony Camcorder DCR TRV-820E
Cables, extension code ( indoor so no need portable 12V DC batteries)

Occultation Map :  Notice the occultation narrow strip heading mostly over non land mass. W Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore lies within this strip.

Just found out the 902H watec i had does not have a 'C' thread so finally swapped to my other newer Watec 902H Ultimate. The watec is coupled to the piggy back white tube Takahashi refractor. Due to the concern of slewing scope tearing the cable the Kiwi time inserter and GPS were later put on the top red column flat surfaces and the AC powercord were tie-wrapped to the main scope handle. The ladder is 7-foot.

The recording is ON. We glue our eyes to the sole star watching the time stamp dances in the footage. Suddenly the star is gone and 6 seconds seem short and the star reappear again.

Star disappears!
Back home i use a P&S and playing back the Sony camcorder, download a player that allows me to frame stepping. This is the frame just after the 4.8 mag star blank off.

The disappearing act lasts 6 seconds or so... here the star reappear.

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