Thursday, March 29, 2018

Sprite Lightning and A meteor in Crux

  With Tiangung 1 reentries on April fool day in my mind.... last night i went to Space Track and download the TLE ...

  SPRITE Woke up and find a cloudy sky outside. I glanced at the wall clock ... thinking I should shut the system down instead of the scheduled 7am automatically.   Luckily I didn't stop the gazing ccd /lens much earlier.

    As I strolled through the captured frames through a long list of cloud-filled sky. Then this sprite peak-hold image jumped out at me. There was another clip where only the top 'tentacle' was seen. I bet a group of sprites was exhibiting themselves nearby.  I want a closer look - the 25mm Avenir f 0.95 manual iris lens and Watec 902HUltimage.  The time stamp says 6:32

Sprite caught in 25mm f0.95 lens. Ufocature sw

Partial Sprite seen with a few tentacles

Another Deja Vu  -  As I trained the lens to centre on the Compact southern cross Crux i had the intention of why not getting a meteor flash by the Cross.  ( did this thinking many years ago and i got it too).  Mum took a month holiday so i stick out the lens from this unit.

If they come you will be captured.  A proven bw reliable set up but migrating to  a color mirror-less camera and high video rate system will start as soon as i got some decent sky and meteor streams picking up after April

More for aesthetic than anything else.  Crux or the Southern Cross giving you an idea of the lens FOV too

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