Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gems ( Geminids) Meteors Finally Dec 15 2007

Dec 14 2007 Period : 224648_225246. Gems started with radiant ~23 degree
Vertical streaks of a slowly drifting jet contrails can be seen in mid frame

Shortly after midnight - Gems streaking outside my South facing window.
Visually they are just pretty - yellow-greenish spearheaded fast scurry across the sky.
Period1215_002509 to 1215_003622

Geminids Meteors 'Spray' - 2007 Dec 14/15
Early hours : Period Dec 15 04:19:17 - 06:03:15 total 12 (9 shown above)
Canopus left a series of dots in the stacked frames

After midnight - I stood at my south facing window and gazed out - the familar yellowish/green Gems streaking from radiant at the back of this window. The 6mm watec902H2U video system was left to do its work. Earlier on 10:08 at a park nearby my first Gem was a long length - spearheaded Gems ...
Situated at the tip of the malaya peninsula - SGP weather map around 4:40am - SGP relatively clear but menacing clouds from west of Sumatra means move clouds cover later....

Friday, December 14, 2007

shooting stars zip past familar star fields Cns Major

Meteor bright enough to be detected through clouds
'K' field in Canis Major - OneTwo...


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A flashing ( tumbling) satellite across cloudy sky -CBERS 1

CORRECTION* - using stars from both reference 99-057A is a better match.
PPAS entries : 99- 57 A 07-11-30 18:21:53.6 AR  164.6 0.3   8 20.57  F'aaaF'; +2(5.5)->inv; 11)

First frame exhibit two bright flashes.. it was very cloudy and surprised this tumbling sat creeping from the clouds

I repositioned the lens further 'upstream' and caught the other flashing series in 2nd image below ( faint stars provide references)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Comet Holmes again Dec 3 2007

3rd Dec 2007 - 8:15-8:30pm

10x70 - detect nothing , a thin layer of clouds obscure the comet
75mm lens + watec 902H - the patch ( non circular by now) is readily seen
300 mm + mintron - too diffuse noisy image
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