Monday, December 03, 2007

Comet Holmes again Dec 3 2007

3rd Dec 2007 - 8:15-8:30pm

10x70 - detect nothing , a thin layer of clouds obscure the comet
75mm lens + watec 902H - the patch ( non circular by now) is readily seen
300 mm + mintron - too diffuse noisy image


samakiman said...

Dec 3 from Morro Bay, California

Comet Holmes beautiful through light haze in 10 x 30 stabilized Canon binoculars. An extremely interesting object now due to diffuse appearance, darkening and increasingly reticulated toward the edges. Probably some good structure in a decent astrophotograph.

darkmatter said...

Thanks for sharing
Lucky you .. I am waiting for the perpetual clouds to disappear first

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