Sunday, November 11, 2007

Comet 17P/ Holmes -updated Nov 21 '07

NEA's weather satellite map - is the sky clearing up

Holmes Nov 21 2007 - near alpha Perseus ~ 10:20pm

The setup on Nov 11 2007. Sony Camcorder DCR-TRV820E+Russian Lens+Mintron CCD
The 25mm lens( electonic finder) is optically parallel to the 300mm lens

Nov 11 2007 - 10:45pm +ve and -ve view ( below) 300/f2.8 Mintron
The Comet nows had better defined condensation surrounded by circular halo region still.

Nov 10 Saturday 2007 - 10pm.Midnite chart - note the Mars in Gemini

25mm/ Watec902H2UltimateCCD showing the non-stellar-like comet taken from common staircase

This is one of the brightest comets i have ever seen in binoculars. Don't miss this one of the blue moon chance of viewing it. Even thought there are reports you can see it in naked eyes ( dark sky) but you really need minimum optical aids - binoculars to appreciate it better. The comet will be in Perseus vicinity till Feb 2008.


a) Comet 17P/2007 brightness ( magnitude) chart etc etc at Seiichi Yoshida's excellent website
b) Excellent example of this Comet Imagery from the web
- Michael Jager's 17P Nov 4 2007

Singapore Observation

Nov 4 2007 Sunday - 4:00am Woke up and find the sky full of stars... just when i put out my video gear i realised why not check out the NE Sky for Comet 17P/Holmes. I grabbed my 7x50s binos walked to the common staircase and pointed at the yellow-orange alpha Perseus. The comet appeared as a rather large and pretty bright circular patch! Even the thin veil of clouds wont stop this bright comet!

Nov 5 2007 Monday - 9:45pm Found the rising Perseus and Comet 17P shinning through clouds. Soon the sky got heavily overcasted.

Nov 11 2007 11:00pm - Comet visible in 7x50s easily despite clouds. Testing using the 300mm/f2.8 russian lens with mintron.

Nov 19 2007 10-11:30pm - No See - Waiting for the clouds to go away. Found alpha perseus but the just cannot detect the 'jelly-fish' comet near the orange star in 7 x50s.

Leonids is coming...

2007 Leonids

23:00 UT 18/11 or

Singapore time 7:00am 19/11 Monday* . Go and watch pre dawn hours!!! if weather permit

ZHR rate chart here

Predicitions from Maslov, Jenniskens, Vaubaillon and Asher

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