Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Humanity Star - Flashes by Canopus March 06 2018

Humanity Star 

From heavens-above for my location - Humanity Star ( HS) Mag +5.1 passing close to easily recognisable Canopus on March 06 2018 ~20:24 before entering earth's shadow.  Canopus is visible through my sitting room window.

But there are clouds
Clouds were there and luckily sky cleared and the mag 6 + stars visible

Using Sonotaco UFOcaptureHd software, I hit the button around 20:24:13 and let it records 3 minutes. The resulting peakhold images revealed clearly detected flashing 'dots' per the heavens-above plot.

I tried replay the avi file and managed to detect a flash at 20:24:41. Then after a few attempts managed 2+1 additional flashes.  I also tried stacking the avi using Registax which had no benefit for very short tiny flashes.  THe canon setup didnt see anything as i started the remote release too late.

Canon G5x and Watec 902h2/ Avenir 25mm f0.95

Humanity Star Path 

Screen showing the series of blue dots marking HS flashes

Sonotaco UFOcaptureHd software - Stars trailed except for the brief satellite flashes
Resources : on HS

G5X gave pretty good stellar magnitude too after histogram stretching

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