Sunday, May 16, 2010

May sky.. a couple of SPO - a nice x1 posted

a -1.3 mag sporadic ( SPO) 0:51am Sunday May 16 '10
Cloudy in the last few nites, so the moment i saw Crux and Pointers around 11:30pm Sat night i put out my system. Not expecting much activities - May is a quiet month. Bright and/or SPO is the target.  The hunt continues
Couldn resist - another post of x1 SPO, this is brighter at -1.6
A good example of the benefit of using video. Imagine you are exposing using film, how do you know the background stars at time of exposure? In the video set up i always started with a few shots with background stars as reference... what if the sky was cloudy when i started the session?  Then the second best thing is to enable the software to take a frame at certain interval e.g every 15 minutes. So say the sky clears up when you sleep.. the sampling will capture those ( as well as other bright fast moving objects). All the above is NOT a problem if you system is permanently mounted ( i.e fixed azimuth, elevation) - you only do the background ONCE!  It still works for me in ad-hoc mode after all these years!! Video uploaded here.

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