Sunday, May 02, 2010

Iridium Flare Outside my window - negative 5 magnitude

Found that there is a -5 mag iridium flare today and the evening weather looked promising.  In the distance kites were dotting the early evening southern horizon. But this iridium is @ high elevation and the azimuth is a bit hard to reach from my usual location. I pulled out the analog sony camcorder, fired up one still working lithium battery and i set up the video /tripod in the other window. Using the camcorder large LCD as montor i star hop from the compact trapezium of Corvus to expected flare location @ hydra. I replaced the camcorder with the USB-PC video cable and watch the pc screen running UFOcapture. My watch was synchronised to singtel time annoucement ($0.30 per call 1711). The Iridium Satellite came on time and the i hit the rec button...Watch the uploaded video Iridium 37 here

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