Sunday, December 13, 2009

(UT) 12-Dec-2009 Geminids

Dawn approaching .... another hot weather ahead

Around 6am I shifted the FOV to cover western end of the sky, but soon the clouds rolling in.

Image above showing the 17/25 Gems from UT 14-22 Dec 12 2009
Video posted to youtube

Video 3.8mm f0.8 auto IRIS, wat902H
(UT) |Local time| n |Gem(n) ..
15 23 3 Gem(2) Hyd(1)
16 00 6 Gem(6)
17 01 6 Gem(4) Urs(1)Spo(1)
18 02 6 Gem(4) nTau(1)Spo(1)
19 03 4 Gem(4)
20 04 4 Gem(3) Urs(1)
21 05 1 Gem(2)


Anonymous said...

May i know your location?

darkmatter said...


In the North , woodlands singapore

Anonymous said...

Hi. I stay in woodlands too.
So is it possible to view the Geminids with our bare eyes? Any suggetions as to which part of woodlands where I might be ble to catch them?

darkmatter said...

Just get down walk around and find a spot with some view of the unobstructed sky. I have some success before with Gems years ago in downstair HDB block facing school field ( no light from there) out for dripping clothing etc, and benches in nearby park Tekong Mandai - outdoor basket ball court... perhaps near sport stadium , open fields behind 888.. etc etc. Yes you can see meteors with naked eye, instrumentation not needed. For very clear sky you can see short meteors radiating from Gemini itself..else look away but keep Castor Pollux with edge of your Field of View. Its cloudy right now...

Anonymous said...

ok, thanks for the details.
but yes it's very cloudy tonight.

rei said...

hello! while surfin for geminids, happened to find this blog! in woodlands too. super cloudy..

Moondog said...

For some reason, I have been getting "dotted" still image meteor trails when capturing with my Watec 902H. Any suggestions on why that is, and how to correct it?
Lots of Geminids this year!

Jim "Moondog" Tegerdine

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