Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Geminid... My first Gem for the year 2009


mello.k said...

hey there, i'm just wondering. according to the following article:

the peak for gemnids would be 14th dec at 0510 GMT, given that singapore is GMT+0800, what would be the best time to watch the gemnids?

i missed the leonids cause i stayed up from 3am-5.30am and my friends saw it at 6am. -_-" really don't want to miss it again. (although it was nice looking at it on your blog) so please and thanks in suggestions!

darkmatter said...

Hi mello.k:

Please see my post today to address this question.

Kelvin Seet said...

YK? Is that you? YK Chia? Do you remember me? Kelvin Seet? I last officially met you in 2000 during my NTU Astro days...I invited you to give a talk that time. :)

darkmatter said...

Hi Kelvin:

Yes I do, how are you?


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