Saturday, December 05, 2009

Geminids Dec 14 2009 Watch Window for SGP

Radiant around mid night (~ 40 degree), Castor Pollux on top left chart.

Credit IMO 2008 Gems actual data ZHR chart

Using above chart from IMO last year result as illustration

i) Notice the sharp peak occurred during daylight Singapore time ( 5h 10m UT => 13h 10m Dec 15)
ii) The asymmetric peak - broad activity prior to peak and steep decrease of activity post peak

So lets bracketing the peak -

-watch Dec 12 Sat 9pm onwards till Dec 13 Sunday am
- watch Dec 13 Sun 9pm onwards till Dec 14 Monday 2009.

*Radiant: [ midnight ~ 40 degree] , [3 AM ~ 60 degree]

*The higher the radiant the more Geminids you are going to get.

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