Saturday, December 14, 2013

Geminids Dec 2013

Geminids Dec 2013

 Sky was patchy with clouds. Geminids surfaced shortly after midnight local time. Then a Gem fireball appear at 0:00:45:38. (UT Dec 13 15:15).  A raw count from the tiny streaks include a x5 time increase of Gem count compare  with the day before.

Geminids fireball franked by two dimmer Gems.  To show the actual progression of the fireball I created a few time spaced snapshots. Notice the tiny short tail behind the plasma head as it progressed towards the building roof top.
This is how the ufocapture software will create the light envelope as the fireball progress from beginning to end.
The bonus before the above Gem fireball event was this EVEN brighter sporadic fireball.
Fire ball on the South- Western horizon.
Geminids Dec 11 2013 - Sirius and Canopus dotted in the above summed image. Constellation of Gemini is not visible in the FOV.  The ZHR rate according to IMO is 10-15 but this number jumped to 100+ in dark locations.

The Progression of the sporadic Fireball is sequenced below.

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Gary said...

Congrats Mr Chia! Awesome photos!

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