Monday, May 06, 2013

ETA Aquarids Yishun Singapore 2013 ( updated )

2013 May  -  ETA Aquarids ( Comet Halley Debris hitting our upper atmosphere ) Returning to our early AM sky.

Some expectation - Outside my SW facing kitchen window, the video  near 90 FOV cover nicely the rising radiant in Aquarius and I expect the main streams running from long length EAST - WEST. Opposite block in early evening the Crux and Pointers should rise and  hidden from view as they rotated out of the view.

May 5 - Sunday Early AM managed to get  x20 over meteors - most of them were ETAs. The critical time is 4 - Dawn. Sky cleared up enough for the meteors to be detected in the system.

May 6 Monday early am. Counting over 40 meteors !!!!

 By Sunday evening you wont believe the sky will clear up will you? Close to 11 pm I was presented with overcast sky but the weather pattern in May 5 early am told me otherwise**. I put out the video and never mind the 100% over cast sky. I was right!!! Bagging a respectful bright ETAs and tiny ones. ** extrapolation of the weather pattern from just one or two nights (24-48 hrs) ago proved to be pretty accurate. with video you can purposely forced a time duration captured.

....Starting with ETA streaming across the sky as expected radiant in the EAST.

The above  frame i select the small tiny ETA, the bright one were chosen to show in the image below.

In one hour the bright ones.... 21 UT May 05 2013 Singapore

MAY 7 Morning Singapore ...

Then on May 6 Night after seeing Mikiyo's prediction of  the possibility of another trail hitting around my 5 am time frame i decided to put out the video on a folded wooden plateform and see what can i capture.  The activity seems to drop back to still 17 meteors.  See stacked images below. 

and  the last bright one at 6:30am as dawn approaches.

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