Sunday, October 19, 2008

Orionids 2008 - Oct 18/19 - FOV 68.6 x89.2

2008_10_18_23:18:19 till 10_19_05:45:48
composite from x17 images , stack using IRIS command add_max2 X 17 ( file in
brighter stars Sirius and Canopus created a trails in the composite.

Using UfoAnalyser Software - the ID of each meteor was identified - as expected, the backward propagation of quite a number of them intersected at radiant of of Orionids Meteor Shower - the dust trails from Halley's Comet. Majority of them detected in 4 - 5 am when the radiant is highest. Two Epsilon Geminids were detected too.

Lens : HG3808FCS-HSp 1/2" auto iris 3,8mm 1:0.8 / watec -902H


Meteor Mark said...

Good picture, looks like you may have also captured an Epsilon Geminid on the left side there, possibly two.

darkmatter said...

Hi Mark:
Thanks. Just added a plot of the meteors and the two epsilon geminids happened to be two that looked 'lined-up' with the rest orionids. Look at the plot and on the v right edge was epsilon geminids radiant..

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