Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sprites - Oct 30 2008

After 887 lightning flashes ( each one triggered a video recording) i screened through the images and apart from a handful of meteors - sprites stole the show instead. Six of the best one is stacked here. You will find one grouping cluster around the TV aerials and another group (one complete blue jet or 'carrot' and the other partially hidden). CLICK image above to view better.

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Moondog said...

Ran across your blog today. Very nice. I also use a Watec 902H2 for meteor detection, lightning and solar observations.
I received an email from a teacher in Florida who ran across my website and asked about whether to use an Astrovid PlanetCam for H-a viewing of the Sun through a PST. I suggested NOT, and recommeded the Watec.

Jim Tegerdine

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