Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Leonids Nov 18 2009 am

4 am - 1 hr tally count.. lost 50% of sky coverage due to cloud..
The bright dotted on top - Sirius and below Canopus

Radiant plots of the leonids candidate.
3:34 am - Leonid streaks in cloudy sky with partial tail obscured by thicker clouds
02:56 - cloudy but gap let the meteor through ...but blocked
For those who had struggled to view from midnight till late 3:00am
the sky was really bad. Most of the dimmer meteor's tail would disappeared leaving a small portion of the luminous head.. a blip that could be easily missed.

6:05:21 - one Leonid in the 'clearer' side of the sky
6:24 am and was getting brighter,
still a fast moving tadpole shaped Leonid on the
upper right image with distinctive terminal burst!

Nov 18 '09 5:00 - 6:00 am ( UT Nov17-21:00 to 22:00 hr)
Predicted Peak ~ 5:40am - note no fireball observed in the 89 degree FOV.
Due to the weather condition - layers of thin clouds, it was difficult to see them visually as the dimmer tailed might be hidden in clouds so a tiny portion plus nucleus head left.
[ Bright Star streaks in above stacking: Top right - 'Belt' stars , Rigel (Orion), middle Sirius (Canis Major), mid lower Canopus ]

(New** 29/11/2009 -> Video posted to youtube )

Nov 17__total_ leo_ psu_dad_hyd_noO_spo
18:00-19:00 __1__1_0_0_0_0_0
19:00-20:00 __5__3_0_0_0_ 0_2
20:00-21:00 __9__6_0_0_1_ 0_2
21:00-22:00 _24_14_3_2_ 0_1_4
22:00-22:30 __3__2_0_0_0_ 0_1

Total : total(42), leo(26),psu(3),dad(2),hyd(1),noO(1),spo(9)


Neal McBurnett said...

Nice! Thanks for your report and the image.

What is the limiting magnitude visually for you? What stars are we seeing tracks from in the picture? What is the field of view?

In Colorado I only spent 15 minutes looking around 07:30 UT last night, with a limiting magnitude of about 5, and didn't see any. It was cold!

Sam said...

YK, great work there! nice to see the shower activities in Woodlands!
I was sound asleep then, haha

darkmatter said...

Hi Neal:
Rigel orion at top right, Sirius canis major middle bright dots and canopus further down.
FOV 89 degree, LM about 2:5

Maverick Liew said...

Thank you for showing the lovely stacks of meteor shower pictures.

Was at open field near GreenWood Primary, trying to take some video with a loan camera but sadly unable to capture any. Anyway, it is fun as it was my first attempt to capture on DSLR.

Hope to see your new work on the coming Geminid. :)

NuclearBoy said...

Hey lucky that you stayed awake and the area you are in is rather good spotting place. I only managed to see one fireball around 4:15AM. Then no more... I went back to sleep at 5AM, then I saw this post you have pointed out the peak around 5-6AM, which is one hour more than predicted... I thought it was over at 5AM and went to sleep, not knowing I missed the best part, Aww...

Haha, anywayz it's great you're able to capture some nice pictures and stay through the night. Cheerz!

P.S. I'm also Singaporean, living near Bishan.

darkmatter said...

Hi Maverick:

Lets hope the weather for Gems stay dry. Just uploaded the 4am slot .. not sure the one you mentioned in another post is inside my FOV. Was playing with my dSLR too...

NuclearBoy said...

Oh sorry I missed this out. The area I live in was in perfect weather condition with NO CLOUDS at all. Damn, if I were to stay up to wait.

darkmatter said...


i didnt stay through the night - my video ccd placed outside the study room did all the automatic capture since 8pm but i got to delete a long series of lightning flashes.. I woke up around 4:00am,walk to the nearby field... look at monitor, watching the increasing counts in pc

AyAkA { Angela } said...

Wow! nice one though the clouds are bad at times you still manage to capture them! at least your staying up pays off! =)

@NuclearBoy: Hey I live around there too! the sky was quite clear but i didnt manage to catch any of them... Didnt have a good view =(

Anonymous said...

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