Saturday, March 07, 2009

A night with 75mm /Watec out of my window Feb 6 09

Uars transversing the FOV - see HA map below
Map courtesy of
I manually shifted the FOV and a tumbling object
with varying brightness transversed the field.

I glanced at the HA list of >4.5 mag satellite
and noticed one coming up - a rocket body
so i expect a tumbling signature and reposition.
True enough the it dimmed and gradually brighten leaving
a 'drawn-out' brightness envelope. While parking the lens's FOV at Orion - ' Dagger' region, a jet flew by
(Map courtesy of
snapshot mode from within UFOCapture
creating a 4 Z-frames from avi and IRIS add_max2 stacked

Then i went out to field to look at the real stars
Moon and Gem's Castor Pollux .. clouds drifted in making a haloed moon - Regulus - Saturn towards the east ( Comet Lulin should be in Cancer...). Big patches of clear sky and in the SE - the 'False Cross' rising
When i returned I glanced at monitor - the automatic video detection
bagged one random meteor and another short 'line' created by a flaring satellite

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