Sunday, December 14, 2008

Geminids 2008 Dec 13/14 - Cloudy sky but.

I thought this year the Gems will be a washout judging from the strings of cloudy sky and rain. Dec 13 saw Venus and the feeble Jupiter in the cloudy sky early evening. So decided to put out my video ccd and let the recorder do all the work.

22:09 first Gem appeared follow by another at 22:30. The composite frames below illustrate the changing apparent radiant as earth rotates bring the constellations across the sky from east to west.

Gems 'cascade' down from the sky. Note a nice terminal flash from a meteor parallel to the TV antennae near the roof. Canopus traced a short arc on lower left - the # dots corresponds to the number of frames stacked in add_max2 command in IRIS.

Meteor 2008 Dec 13 Tally and Time in UT.

14-15 UT count: 1
15-16 UT count: 5
16-17 UT count: 2
17-18 UT count: 3
18-19 UT count: 2
19-20 UT count: 3
20-21 UT count: 3

1. Dec 13 14:09:58

2. 143059
3. 151405
4. 152827
5. 155239
6. 155950
7. 155954
8. 162717
9. 175657
11. 185717
12. 190904
13. 195122
14. 195133
15. 200951
16. 202846
17. 203012


Shahrin said...

Nice shot! We were at one of the beaches and the 20-odd group of us at the site managed only to get 3 Geminids. After that around 1am , a true 'shower' show... rain!

darkmatter said...

Hi Shahrin:

Thnks. at least you got to view some.. which beach from Msian are you watching from?

Shahrin said...

Very near the Morib beach, called the Kelanang Beach near Banting..,101.413422&spn=0.038578,0.077248&z=14

You're setup seems to be very nice. I was thinking of doing the same setup like yours with my old Mintron. I got the Mallincam BW and Hyper Color version as well, so it should be a good choice.

darkmatter said...

Hi Sharin:

Nice places in Malaysia...

Ok you got the right ccd to start right away. Mintron will do the job ( i had one too but i am a big fan on watec).

Just turn off the Mintron integration ( to preserve time resolution info). Choose a 6mm, 12mm manual video lens of your choice. Get the sw from Sonotaco and your are in business...

If you are also into plants and nature please visit my other blog -

Anonymous said...

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