Sunday, May 04, 2008

ETA meteor shower member - Halley's comet debris

ETA peaks around 2 am SGP on May 6 '08.
Above is a 6mm view composite of the meteors ( majority ETA + others) from 03:2820 till 06:1759.
The other camera was running
with 25mm lens. ( see image below).

A handful of ETAs were detected on May 04 am and several days earlier.
This is one of the brightest so far passing by the 'House' of The Teacup or Sagittarius. (25mm f0.90 lens/Wat902H2Ultimage) with x1 video frame extracted.
Here is the original 'peak-hold images' of the same meteor. You can see the progression of the meteor's head from starting to ending video frames

The radiant was around 15 degree - pretty low and quite a distance away from my camera
FOV ( see below skymap - Aquarius on lower left and Sag. top right corner).

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charmaine said...

I want 2 see this meteor i could want 2 experience 2 see more meteor b-cos thats what i want it. I pray that more meteors 2 come...

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