Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Catching Shoot Star ( Meteor) my way

In this muvee created using Canon S3 and virtualdub.. you will have a glimpse of my system setup for the video stuff...a day view and then a night view followed by one latest example of a bright -6 or brighter meteor passing through the FOV Field of Vision. I used my palm T3 to get a rough fix of the star background and used the Azimuth and Altitude at my geographical location and timing as INPUT for me to get the star-chart matchup in Sonotaco's UFOAnalyser. From then on a typical meteors stream analysis is a breeze.. In the video towards the end you will see a UFOCapture screen where i pointed (on left hand top) the RAs/Decs position that corresponds to the bright meteor... Have fun view the video.

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