Monday, January 22, 2007

86-019AG flashes in Centaurus 1/22/2007 am

While warming up to prepare to watch Fengyun 1C debris.. I lost myself and ended up bagging this fast flasher 86-019AG in 75mm f1.4 using watec-902H2Ultimate. PPAS database indicate s a single entry (reproduced below).

Designtn Date Time Obsr Durtn Acc Num Per Remarks
86- 19AG 97-11-13 18:32:05.7 RE 3

The actual flash patterns look complex.. a quick series of twinking to max brightness
and dim down.. ( click the image to have a close look). Video on archive.
Skymap Plot showing the south-bound debris and the general star field
( larger than the 75mm lens).

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