Thursday, November 02, 2006

First Sprite detected early am Nov 02 '06

I thought the heavy afternoon downpour helped to clear up the sky and let some meteors through. So I left the 6mm- watec 902H video system running.

Result: a handful of meteors and other 'white-outs' due to lightning flashes. The detection sw was aborted prematurely as I ran out of hard disk space around 4:15am. But X 1 frame stood out and I recognised it right away - it was a Sprite!

This is a single frame occurrence 4/100 sec

Altitude ~ 20 degree, Azmuith= ~194 degree seen from Woodlands. Stars were twinkling then. A 'daylight view' insert to show approx detection position.

CLICK image for at a larger view. VIDEO added. To read more on sprite captured by highspeed camera elsewhere

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Anonymous said...

"... its amazing that if one tries as per your color clip one can visibily see the sprite. makes me wonder what's it like for those whom may have had stayed up last night or before for the Leonids Meteorite Shower sightings 2 am onwards eastward. ...", Peng Leong

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