Sunday, August 13, 2006

Meteors Aug 13 ( 0hr-6:30am) 6mm video lens

Sky was bad for visual so i left a 6mm f1.4 lens/watec-90wH outside the window running Sontaco's UFOCaputure.
In 6 1/2 hours of detection a
total of 17 meteors were detected
even in this poor sky.
The single image above was
a composite stack
( using IRIS - add_max2 command on each fit image) Click any image for a closer look.

Sunday AM I wanted to find out how many of these were perseids - if any..
So I ran UFOanlayser and
here is a screen-capture
showing the plots of x11 perseids and others.
Imagine if i have a clearer better sky....

Well better than nothing ...

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Anonymous said...

its amazing, something not easily detectable by the naked eyes .

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