Friday, March 24, 2006

Tumbling Iridium 920 -97-034C

Caught non-operative Iridium 920 flashing pass the 'V' shaped asterism in Puppis. Playback of the video revealed a d-d-b cycles (d=dimmer flash, b= bright flash). Enlarged view of the tracks revealed a more complicated within flash patterns ( see insert image - the subtle change in flash resulted in a DNA-like nodule bandings). The insert '>' marked the brightest flash location. CLICK image to have a closer look youself.

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Unknown said...

Hi there,
my name is Samuele. Some months ago I started a call to action project with the aim to collect at least a flare picture for every 95 block one Iridium Satellites before it is too late. You probably know that block 1 satellites are nowadays in dismissing phase and no more iridium flares are expected to be produce within 2019.
I kindly ask you the authorization to pubblish your #920 picture in database. All credits will be given for sure
Thanks in advance!

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